COVID-19 Resource Page - Basketball

COVID-19 Policy For Plainview PAL Basketball at POB School Facilities and TOBAC

As required by the school district, to maintain the appropriate level of safety with regard to COVID-19, all players, parents, coaches, trainers, referees, directors, and anyone else with relation to Plainview PAL Basketball activities at POBSD facilities in Plainview/Old Bethpage and the Town of Oyster Bay Athletic Facility (TOBAC) in Hicksville will be subject to the following policy:


  • Physical Distancing
    • Children must maintain at least 3 feet distance between other children when not in the field of play.
    • Adults must maintain at least 6 feet distance between other adults and children.
    • Adults and children must avoid close proximity (as determined above) to other adults and children for periods of greater than 15 minutes.
    • Seating for children must maintain at least 3 feet distance.
    • Seating for adults must maintain at least 6 feet distance.
  • Spectators
    • Effective Feb 28, spectators will be allowed at all Plainview PAL Basketball games/sessions.
    • Each child may have one (1) adult/parent/guardian spectator.
    • Underage (under 18 years old) non-participants including siblings will not be allowed entrance to any Plainview PAL Basketball game/session.
    • All spectators must adhere to the physical distancing and mask rules detailed in this policy. POB School facilities with stands have marked seating to help assist in proper spacing.
    • Designated coaches, referees, trainers, directors, and authorized persons (as determined by the directors or board) are not considered spectators and therefore do not count against any spectator limits.
  • Testing Positive or Close Contact Exposure
    • If you come in close contact or have tested positive for COVID-19, please refer to POB School District's policy on Extracurricular or after school activities.
      • For full details, please see the Jan 11 letter from the District Supervisor: click here
      • Refer to the sections on Isolation, Quarantine, Extracurricular or after school activities, and Students, teachers, and staff who are not vaccinated or have not completed a primary vaccine series for applicable details.
      • If you are eligible to participate in extracurricular or after school activities, you are eligible to participate in Plainview PAL Basketball.


    • Protective Equipment
      • Masks must be worn by everyone while in POBSD and TOBAC facilities at all times.
      • Mask breaks may be given for brief periods of time as determined by Plainview PAL Directors.
    • Pickup/Drop-Off
      • Pickup and drop-off must be made from designated areas only.
      • All entrance and exit to all school facilities must be made through the school's designated front security door.
        • Exception: Entrance and exit from Mattlin and Old Bethpage Elementary will be made from the external entrance near the gyms.


    • Attendance
      • Attendance for games will be managed through the TeamSnap application, which will include a wellness check-in for each event.
      • TeamSnap access for all players will be made available to parents after team rosters are set.
      • All players must update their attendance status through TeamSnap prior to the game/session.
      • Any player whose status is not set to attend prior to the game/session will not be admitted to any POBSD or TOBAC facility. There are no exceptions.
      • Any coach unable to be present at a game/session must inform their respective division director and name a substitute prior to the game/session.
      • Only the one (1) adult spectator or approved individuals will be allowed admittance to a POBSD or TOBAC facility. There are no exceptions.
    • Schedule
      • PAL Directors may cancel or postpone any games/sessions where players/coaches/trainers/referees were affected and are now subject to quarantine.

    Note: This policy is set upon direction of POBSD and based on information provided by NCPAL, NCDOH, NYS DOH, and the CDC. Policy is subject to change based on direction and information provided by those sources.